Five hours to apply for a work visa

New job means new visa. So after a student visa, then dedicated activities (to extend my stay and be legally able to hunt for a job), I can finally apply for a job visa.

It took me some time to understand what documents I needed. Depending on the lists, in English or Japanese, said documents varied. So after gathering the required paper and getting the ones from the company, I was ready to go to the Immigration Bureau and apply.

Aka hell.

As a matter of fact, it’s now snowing, wrecking havoc to the train system, making the trip in the overcrowded, smelly Yamanote Line even longer. Perfect, it will get me in the mood.

Ground floor, first verification. Not having used an agent for my visa ($500 for that is too much for me), I prefered to add this short step. Is it the right form? The right documents? It’s quick, totally optional and useless but at least, it’s one less worry.

Next floor.

Le sens de l'orientation
First floor, first waiting room. Waiting in line for the first guichet where an officer checks that the files has all required documents and are correctly filled in. Then hand over a number granting me the right to wait to hand over my application. Except the officer has a doubt. One my document from the company doesn’t have the stamp from the financial auditor. Another short wait at a nearby booth where an other officer checks again, explains what’s missing but confirms there’s nothing blocking the application as long as I mail the missing document during the week.

The first officer was not really inspired by my name and prefered to call me nii-san. Strange feeling, as if I were back in China.

Let the wait begin. It’s 10AM. They just called number 70. I receive the number 209.

Tellement d'attente que le panneau à dû être modifié
So long, event the board had to be modified

14:30. I can now go to the booth. Another verification of the documents. Dutifully ticked with a red pen. Then more waiting.

Called back 5 minutes later. The in-depth verification was quick. I just have to wait for the almighty postcard now.

Five hours later, I’m finally out.

It’s raining.

The Keio Line stopped due to an incident. It was a good day.

I’ll go to Tachikawa next time.

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